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Foggy Pier

Managing for Change


Our mission statement here at Next Evolution Consulting LLC is to

effectively help people reach their goals by overcoming the obstacles of age, gender or economic status through belief, encouragement, 

and education.


We are a leadership development consultancy dedicated

to increasing the effectiveness and performance of individuals, leaders

and their organizations. Through the strategic integration of coaching

and technology, Next Evolution Consulting LLC brings agile leadership

development to today’s connected leader. 




Next Evolution Consulting LLC has multiple comprehensive programs. However, all of the programs we offer are based upon the understanding that there is a solid foundation of effective life skills. All programs and materials are customized to assist the client to best meet their needs.


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“Great compassion, honest direction, they really help you face your fears. Great source of encouragement.”



“With experience and knowledge, the advice offered can be amazing, and then you add common sense and you have a source you can count on for help.”


“They motivate, encourage, and guide you every step if the way”



"I was taught that I could do anything, I was challenged and believed in."


Some of our Clients:

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